At Melynda Jayne Boutique, our collection of designer items, sourced from boutiques across the World, is second to none. However, many shoppers still turn to the high street when it comes time to choose outfits for all-important special occasions. Whilst there are many great choices to be found in high street shops, none of them can compare with what you get when you make the choice to search for your perfect outfit in local boutique stores, just like Melynda Jayne. At our boutique, we are a family run business offering not only the most beautiful and exclusive dresses, but also couture millinery.

Style Exclusivity

When it comes to finding a dress that tailors perfectly not just to your proportions, but to your unique personality, there’s no better bet than Melynda Jayne Boutique.

Our stylists are well seasoned in helping women from all walks of life dress for a variety of events, and know exactly how to help you look and feel fabulous. What’s more, when shopping with Melynda Jayne, you have the security of knowing your style will be exclusive to you. High street clothing is mass-produced, and as well as not being specifically chosen and altered to suit you, resulting in a garment far more ill-fitting than anything you’ll ever purchase in a boutique, it is also highly likely that you won’t be the only one wearing the outfit you’ve worked so hard to find.

Nothing strips away the impression of an individual personality, expressed by your unique style, than sharing your look with somebody else, and by taking advantage of the exclusivity offered by Melynda Jayne, you never have to worry about this. Not to mention, the quality of the garments you can expect from us is far higher than what you will find at a chain store, meaning you can enjoy any piece bought from us for years to come.

A Superior Experience

Shopping at boutique stores is nothing like shopping on the high street. At Melynda Jayne, access to our boutique is by appointment only. You will be offered exclusive access to our boutique for your party, allowing you to bring your friends and family to share the moment with you, and complimentary prosecco to relax with while you peruse our lookbooks. Our stylists offer you their undivided attention, giving advice and helping you feel special. You’d struggle to find such a VIP experience on the high street!

Supporting Local Businesses

High street chain clothing stores appear all over the country, if not the globe, and when purchasing an outfit from there, your money is only lining the pockets of multi-billionaire CEOs. However, many boutiques, like Melynda Jayne, operate as small, local businesses and have not survived the cost of high street or corporate competition. At Melynda Jayne, we do what we do out of a passion for style, and offer ladies in the Midlands a “Mayfair boutique experience” without the London price tag!

To make an appointment for your boutique experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.