Firstly, thank you for your interest in representing our brand as a Prom Ambassador or TikTok Star!

Each year we look to recruit a select group of girls, from schools across the Midlands. To see if now is the right time to join our team, drop us a message and enquire.



The Market Bosworth School 2020

Being a prom ambassador has been amazing to say the least. I’ve experienced so many new things and learnt so much from Kelly and the other ambassadors.
The programme has given me an insight into not only the modelling industry but fashion, hair, beauty, sales and marketing as well.

Being part of such a supportive group of girls has really lifted my confidence, I’ve made so many new friends and created lots of memories that will last a lifetime. Kelly really does go above and beyond for everyone. Melynda Jayne has really made me feel like a new and improved version of myself.
I went into my first shoot feeling nervous and very self conscious but the team made me feel at ease, it was so much fun and I couldn’t wait to continue and go on to do more. Although the day was professional and well managed I had so much fun !! The photographers were really encouraging and the MJ team were on hand to make sure everything was perfect.

The ambassador programme has given me so many opportunities, the portfolio images have helped me with other modelling jobs, I’m currently Miss Teen Coventry and a finalist for Miss Teen Great Britain, MJ has given me the confidence to put myself out there and believe in myself. Not only this but I featured in the LCFC hospitality promo video where I shot images and acted out scenarios and finally I’ve been offered a place to model with EKA talent and casting agency ! They work closely with big brands such as JD, Cadbury, Pretty little thing, Boohoo, Netflix, Alton Towers, Nickelodeon, ITV, BBC and so many more !!

I would definitely recommend becoming an ambassador, the experience is incredible and the people are amazing, if I could go back and do it again I wouldn’t change anything. I’ve loved my experience from start to end and I miss it already !!


Sidney Stringer Academy 2020

My time with Melynda Jayne, has been one of the most amazing experiences. Not only did it teach me to be more comfortable in my own body but it taught me valuable skills within a business. Being a prom ambassador pushed me out of my comfort zone right from the get go. As a result of this, I can now confidently talk to clients and even pose in front of a camera without feeling awkward.
I will forever be grateful for the once in a lifetime opportunity Kelly and the MJ team have given me. They taught me that no matter your shape, size or height you can still achieve anything you set your mind too. You won’t find a team like MJ’s anywhere else!
Thank you to the MJ team for the most unforgettable experience. x


Archbishop Ilsley School 2020

My experience being an ambassador for Melynda Jayne has been great. I got to boost my confidence and take photographs in beautiful dresses. Not just that but I gained experience dealing with customers at the Prom Fayre events.

All the girls that I’ve met with Melynda Jayne were all incredibly kind. The makeup artists and hairstylists did a great job into making everyone look amazing for our shoots. The photographers guided us very well with getting in the right position.

After all of that we get an appreciable discount on a lovely dress for our prom. At first I thought I had an perfect idea of how I wanted my prom dress to look. However the one I chose ended up being something different. Trying all of those stunning dresses helped me decide which one was actually right for me. I’m very thankful to Kelly and the MJ team for this wonderful opportunity.


I am a mum of a Prom Ambassador, who was unsure of what to expect. Paris had previously been bullied and needed to get her self confidence and self belief in herself back.

Any girlie girl wants to be that Princess, and be treated like one. This is exactly what she got from Melynda Jayne Boutique. Kelly, the leading lady and founder is very professional but warm and friendly with all her staff, although I have to say they all seem to be one happy family, echoing her.

From start to finish Paris was looked after and treated exceptionally well. Dresses were chosen for her, hair and makeup was done for her. All she had to do was photo shoots and catwalks, which she absolutely loved doing and help out at the Prom Fayres where needed.

I look at Paris now and see that she is a beautiful young lady inside and out,but this wouldn’t have been the case if she hadn’t have been given the opportunity by Kelly.

I have also had the experience of being a customer too. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone working within the Boutique. You definitely get the personal experience. They know what suits you better than you do!!!!!!

I could not recommend this boutique more highly. I think that it is unique and I would like to think that I am not just a customer anymore, both myself and Paris see them as friends and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else in the future. Why make changes when you are happy? A big thankyou to the MJ Family.


Heart of England School 2019

Being a prom ambassador has been an amazing experience. I’ve learnt so many valuable lessons and skills about sales and business. To be part of something that gives an insight into the model industry, hair, beauty, fashion,sales and marketing is a great experience. The confidence and knowledge that being an ambassador has given me has been so valuable to my personal growth. The experience has challenged, pushed and changed me. I’m more mature, more confident, more willing to step forward and believe in myself.
My confidence has grown so much thanks to the wonderful MJ crew, everyone has been so supportive.
I urge anyone that is interested in having a similar experience to apply to be an Ambassador next year. I wouldn’t change it for the world!


Cardinal Newman Catholic School 2019

Being a Prom Ambassador for Melynda Jayne has been one of the best opportunities I have ever done. Not only has it taught me so much about the modelling industry but it has also helped me to grow in confidence. Through the photo shoots and the prom fayres I have been able to develop my own character and have some more self-confidence. Modelling all the beautiful designer dresses at MJ made me feel so amazing. It made me excited for Prom.

Kelly, the photographers, the hair stylists, the makeup artists as well as the other ambassadors are all so welcoming and friendly. It’s a truly insightful experience which is totally worthwhile. What’s even more amazing is that I am now a part of the MJ team! Working in such a professional, modern and supportive environment has taught me so many useful skills. It’s also been an amazing opportunity to have whilst studying for my GCSEs – it’s wonderful to look forward to and is easy to balance. I would definitely recommend this programme to any girl out there! It doesn’t matter who you are -MJ makes every girl feel welcomed, beautiful and excited for Prom!


Bluecoat Academy 2019

Having the opportunity to be a Melynda Jayne ambassador, has been an amazing experience. From the professional photo shoots to the Prom Shows I have been able to gain not just modelling knowledge but also business knowledge.
Throughout the shoots I have developed my own personal confidence, and also confidence interacting with the professionals in the industry. It has allowed me to expand my knowledge of not only the modelling industry, but the world of fashion. I am able to say I’ve worn gowns of amazing designers such as Ellie Wilde. I’m so thankful for Kelly for this experience and I would definitely recommended it to any girl. It’s has been such an exciting and enjoyable journey, and i don’t think any girl can forget their experience as an MJ girl x



Avon Valley, Rugby 2019

I have loved my time being a Prom Ambassador for Melynda Jayne Boutique.  It was a huge experience for me and I’m so glad I was given the amazing opportunity.

The castings, photoshoots and Prom events allowed me to thrive with confidence. And I was also given a huge insight into the modelling industry as they were extremely professional and helpful. Kelly, the makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers were all so friendly and eager to help. Whether you are confident behind a camera or not, they won’t discard you! They will guide you into best positions and help you along the way.

I will be walking out of this experience feeling the pride of modelling along side a well-known, stylish and luxury boutique. I recommend becoming a Prom Ambassador for Melynda-Jayne! Thank you Kelly and her team for all for every aspect of this programme.


Harris Church of England Academy 2019

Being a prom ambassador for Melynda Jayne Boutique has been an amazing experience that took me out of my comfort zone. I would’ve never thought I would end up working with Kelly, MUAs, hairdressers and photographers and take part in some awesome photo shoots and prom fayres. I was able to explore the business world which always comes in handy.
This experience is something I would definitely recommend to everyone, no matter if this is not something you perhaps see yourself in the future. It is always something new that you’ll remember for a long time, plus you would’ve had a lot of fun doing it.
Lastly, I had so many opportunities to wear some of the most beautiful dresses! It allowed me to choose my dream prom dress from the collections. Can’t wait to wear it.
Thank you to Kelly who has proved to us that every girl deserves to feel beautiful. I’ll miss the experience and remember it for a long time.


Rugby High Grammar School 2019

My time as a Melynda Jayne prom ambassador has been one of the most rewarding and confidence building experiences I’ve ever had the chance of partaking in.
The shoots are professional, well managed and most of all: lots of fun! It allowed my confidence to grow and thrive, whether it be behind the camera or just as a person; something that I will cherish from this experience. Kelly, the makeup artists, hair stylists and photographer are all eager to help you whether you are comfortable or not comfortable behind a camera along with all the lovely other prom ambassadors who are always looking out for one another. Kelly and her assistants will guide you into the best positions to help you look and feel your best in your photos!
Coming out of this experience I have learnt to feel comfortable in my body and my confidence is thriving due to the kindness and motivation from Kelly and her team. I look forward to walking out with my newly gained knowledge of the modelling industry and pride that I have worked with such a beautiful and stylish boutique. I cannot thank Kelly and her team enough for this unforgettable experience. I would recommend becoming a prom ambassador to any girl going into year 11/13 for Melynda-Jayne! (Don’t worry it doesn’t get in the way of your exams!)


Avon Valley, Rugby 2019

My time being a prom ambassador at Melynda Jayne Boutique has been so enjoyable. It was a brilliant opportunity and I am so grateful for it. The photo shoots have allowed me to gain more experience with modelling and I have also gained much more confidence. Kelly has many different styles of dresses and herself and the team are extremely professional, the experience has made me so excited for my prom. The best part about being an ambassador for MJ is knowing that you don’t have to be a certain dress size or height, Kelly has dresses to suit and cater to all sizes and heights! The team are so supportive and friendly with the photo shoots but also when picking dresses they are truthful and help you make the best choice possible.
You don’t come across an opportunity like this often and you are only going to have your prom once so why don’t you become an ambassador for Melynda Jayne Boutique?


St Martin’s Catholic Academy 2018

Being the Prom Ambassador for Melynda Jayne has been such an experience for me. Everyone there was so friendly and encouraging and made me feel very welcome especially when we did the photo shoot. Being a Prom Ambassador had definitely helped me gain more confidence. I would highly recommend any girl to try this out and take the opportunity. I know you won’t regret it. My chosen dress is the most stunning couture gown I have ever seen. Don’t forget ladies that as a Prom Ambassador you get 50% off your chosen dress, and there is so many to chose from. Don;t worry though as Kelly is their to help you pick the perfect one to suit you on your special night.


The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College 2018

I have loved my time being a Melynda Jayne Boutique ambassador, and I am so grateful for the opportunity I’ve had. I have learnt valuable skills that I am able to transfer to other shoots, for other companies, I have had the pleasure to attend. The shoots were professional and structured, which made the process much more enjoyable as we were able to model and present as many dresses as we could.

I tried on styles I would of never thought of trying, and I surprised myself with the elegant dress I bought that I never had in mind. Everyone involved was so supportive and understanding, and you were never judged if you found something a bit hard to do. All the girls were so friendly and made it so much fun and relaxed, which made standing in front of the camera alot easier. The makeup artist, photographer, hairstylists and kelly, were so welcoming and made me feel so confident and beautiful.

This is an experience I will never forget and I totally recommend becoming a prom ambassador for MJ, as you may never get the chance to model such a stylish, modern and unique boutique. Thank you so much Kelly and your team for a fabulous and unforgettable experience.


Stratford Grammer 2018

I have really loved my time being a prom ambassador! I’ve learnt lots of new stuff, met loads of interesting people and I’ve been able to wear some absolutely gorgeous dresses.

The shoots are such an amazing experience, you really feel like you are part of a team and everyone is really friendly and helpful. Also, if you’re interested in anything to do with fashion or media it is a really useful experience. All of the dresses I’ve tried have been so beautiful and the one I ended up buying was one I would never have expected myself to! I’ve loved being able to share the Boutique with my friends, who have been just as impressed. I’d definitely recommend being an Ambassador as it is such a fun and interesting experience.


Birmingham Ormiston Academy 2018

I have loved my time spent being a Prom Ambassador for Melynda Jayne Boutique and i’m extremely grateful for the opportunity. I have learnt so much from being given the chance to represent MJ. The shoots are so professional but so fun and the dresses we tried on were a dream!

All of the people involved in the process are so so freindly and the shoot days are the same, I would definitely recommend looking into being a Prom Ambassador. You gain so much experience, whether it be an insight into the industry or just for fun. The boutique itself is gorgeous and I have loved every minute  of being a prom ambassador. Thankyou so much Kelly and her team.


Arden School, Knowle 2018

Being a prom ambassador has been a dream come true! I’m so unbelievably grateful for the opportunity. I have absolutely loved it, and what’s even more amazing is now I’m part of the team working here at MJ! Fashion is something I’m so passionate about and I couldn’t be happier representing such a professional, modern and stunning boutique with the best team! I always get so excited and look forward to working. I have already gained so much experience and learn’t so much. The best part is I’m so excited to help other girls get the dresses of their dreams, the way Kelly helped me find mine! Kelly is an absolute wonder and miracle worker and I’m so thankful to her for giving me this amazing opportunity! I have the best job!

The shoots are so professional and the dresses are all gorgeous; I felt like an absolute princess! I tried on so many different dresses- each as beautiful as the last – and Kelly, the girls and the rest of the team made me feel so welcome and made it such an enjoyable, unforgettable experience! We all just have such a laugh and so much fun together! The shoots give you so much insight to the modelling industry in such a supportive environment! It’s been the best experience and I would 100% recommend it! It’s been so much fun and you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of studying for GCSE’s either! I wish I could do it all over again!


The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College 2018

I have loved my time being a Prom Ambassador for Melynda Jayne Boutique. It was such an amazing experience I wouldn’t replace it for anything. It made me excited for Prom. But most importantly, I was able to try on so many different styles of dresses I wouldn’t have even thought of picking.

The photoshoots allowed me to gain more understanding in the modelling industry as they were extremely professional. Everyone’s so lovely and help you even if you’re not as confident in front of the camera’s as the other girls, they won’t disregard you, they will help you. The photographer, Kelly, the makeup artist, the hair stylists all make you look like a Queen, not a princess. They are the dream team to work with.

Not only will I walk out of this with the experience of a lifetime but you can tell everyone you’ve modelled for such a stylish and modern boutique. I recommend becoming a prom ambassador for MJ so much! Thankyou to Kelly and her team for everything. I have loved every aspect of it.


Rugby High Grammar School

Being a Melynda Jayne Ambassador has not only been the best thing I have experience but also been the most worthwhile activity I have done. I have never felt more beautiful as I did trying on the different dresses and exploring the different styles which I had never even thought of wearing. It’s been such an adventure and I am so grateful to have been apart of MJ’s Prom Ambassador Team 2018. I only have Kelly and her team to thank you making the photoshoots as fun as possible and treating all of us girls with the respect and attention that we didn’t even think we deserved. If it was not for MJ I would have not tried on so many gorgeous and intricate designer dresses.

I would not have been able to buy my designer prom dress without the discount you receive as a MJ ambassador – which makes me feel so confident and gorgeous within my body. I recommend to become an ambassador to any girl who wants to be. It does not matter if you are shy or loud, curvy or slightly on the shorter size (I’m 5”4 myself), being a MJ ambassador makes you realise your true worth and when you see yourself in the dresses , you’ll know what I mean.