Saboroma is a world-wide recognised designer, bringing special occasion, evening and cocktail dresses with a perfectly integrated elegance from both East and West culture. Each dress is uniquely and carefully crafted to bring you the ultimate sophisticated and elegant look.

Since their inception, Saboroma dresses have tried and tested many a variety of styles, colours and dresses in order to expert her craft. With years of experience behind them, their reputation for creating the perfect dress of the right occasion is firmly intact, with an excellent portfolio of past and present designs. Saboroma dresses are typically very elegant, classy but sexy, allowing a woman to express themselves freely and feel confident at the same time.

Saboroma empowers woman who want to express their femininity, styles, class and elegance. The exquisite designs enable a woman to feel confident and sophisticated whilst being assured that they’re wearing a dress of the highest quality.

Situated in New York, Saboroma is in the epicenter of style, with inspiration easily available in their surroundings and array of fashion talents in close proximity. Every dress crafted by Saboroma is inspired by only the latest trends and high-end, innovative dressmaking techniques.

Due to their stirling reputation for perfection, Saboroma has been at the centre of a lot of attention from celebrities and critics, and for good reason. By delivering friendly and concise customer-service, attention to detail and enabling woman to feel confident, Saboroma has created a positive and powerful reputation for themselves in the global fashion industry. We are so pleased to be able to offer their stunning designs here at the Melynda Jayne boutique.