About Us

From floor-length gowns and fashion-forward prom dresses to stylish, contemporary mother-of-the-bride suits

Welcome to Melynda Jayne Boutique!

Our Founder, Kelly Simpkin, started the business in 2015 and was originally set up in Leamington Spa, but is now situated in Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common. Kelly wanted to be able to run an exclusive, high-end and appointment only boutique from home, which would allow her ample time to also take care of her new and growing little family.

Other than the obvious benefits that running Melynda Jayne would bring to Kelly’s home and family life, there were also a number of clear inspirations that helped towards the launch of the boutique:


The Dying High Street

Because of crippling rent and overheads, we are seeing more and more high street boutiques that just aren’t able to survive. Unlike these high street shops, Melynda Jayne Boutique is not at all focused on volume transactions, but instead is perfectly positioned to offer an unrivalled, personal shopping experience.

Exclusive Personal Shopping and Relationships

Melynda Jayne Boutique is ideal for clients with busy social or professional calendars, who want to schedule private boutique appointments into their diaries, and ensure there is time dedicated, just for them, to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion.

An appointment-only boutique is also well suited to ladies that feel uncomfortable in clothing stores; queuing for the changing rooms and then only having to return to the store at some point to get the opinion of loved ones on a possible outfit! It’s difficult to bring a partner or a friend to a high street store, leaving them feeling like a spare part whilst you try on numerous outfits that you’ve grabbed because they might look okay! Even high quality department stores that offer a “personal shopping” experience just shove you in a small changing room, and show you some dresses or outfits on a computer or tablet, before going to fetch the ones you like the look of. This could not be further from the exclusive experience you will get during your appointment with Kelly and Melynda Jayne.

Kelly’s relationships with clients lasts a lifetime, often with one client introducing all the females in their family and close circle to MJ!


The “Bridal” Experience

Most brides would say that a private appointment in a boutique is the best way to shop for your dress! The comfy couches, fizz and refreshments, one-to-one stylist advice, and room for friends and family to come along is just an unbeatable experience. Kelly Simpkin knew that this lovely experience can be replicated time and time again for any special occasion, and this kind of service is exactly what we offer at Melynda Jayne Boutique.


It’s In The Blood

As the daughter of a couture milliner, Kelly knew how much time and effort could be devoted to creating something one-off for a special occasion, yet she also knew the frustration of being unable to find a unique outfit that no-one else would be wearing. A day at Royal Ascot inspired her to create Melynda Jayne to offer exactly this service:

“Our hats were bespoke and designed especially for us, but it’s a shame the same exclusivity couldn’t be said about our dresses. So many ladies looked fabulous, but the number of both high street and designer dresses that were repeated was vast. How much does one need to spend to have something different?”

You can find a selection of couture millinery created by Jayne Alison Millinery at the Melynda Jayne Boutique, to perfectly compliment our vast selection of exclusive, designer couture gowns and special occasion wear.

Core Values

Experience, style, quality and class are the four core values that you can find at the centre of everything we do at Melynda Jayne Boutique.


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Call Kelly now on 07580 438842 to book your appointment, or send us an email to: mj@melyndajayne.co.uk.