As a bride, much of your wedding preparation will be spent ensuring everything fits perfectly with the themes you’ve chosen, as well as your carefully selected colour scheme! Where this can get tricky, however, is trying to incorporate the outfits of the mothers of the bride and groom.

It is traditional for both to choose their own outfit, but on your special day, with photographs you’ll be looking at for a lifetime, you may be considering coordinating in order to have them blend in with the bridal party and make the wedding album look incredible.

Coordinating, Not Matching

With the excess pressure of adhering to the bride’s guidelines, mothers may feel additional pressure when selecting their outfit, particularly if they’re buying from the high street and run the risk of falling in love with the same outfit. What is more important is that both the bride’s mother and the grooms look and feel fantastic in what they wear, regardless of the colours they need to be working with.

Neither mother should blend in with the colour scheme so much that they look like bridesmaids, but just enough that they don’t look odd in group photographs and encourage harmony on the day. A crucial factor is that both outfits should complement each other, flattering each mother’s individual figures and skin tones, but never match totally.

An Appointment at Melynda Jayne

At Melynda Jayne, we offer so much more than just a shopping experience. With exclusive access to our boutique, and one-on-one attention with our stylists, you can have a relaxed chat about colours, styles, and cuts to flatter both women, keeping true to the theme of wedding, whilst putting their own unique spin on their own outfits.

Utilising the expert know-how of our stylists, or perusing our lookbook for inspiration can help you decide what to wear, and more than that, the experience of shopping together can be a wonderful way for both mothers, and the bride herself, to build a fantastic relationship prior to joining their families as one. Why not make a day of it, enjoying afternoon tea (or even a glass of prosecco!) as you take advantage of our stress-free services? Shopping together has the added advantage of ensuring both mothers look fantastic together, putting everyone at ease and allowing the bride to keep control over her big day.

For more help coordinating outfits for the big day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to book your appointment. We also offer a party package for mothers of the bride and bridegroom.