For many girls in their last year of secondary school, the prom is the most important night of their teenage years, and the defining moment of any school career. Most of year 11 will be spent preparing for the big day, and especially finding the dress of your dreams!

Here at Melynda Jayne Boutique in Balsall Common, we recognise just how important the prom (and preparation for it), can be for you girls, which is why we have decided to recruit one year 11 and one year 13 girl from each school in The Midlands to act as our prom ambassadors for 2019!

The Role

Our prom ambassadors will be expected to promote the Melynda Jayne Boutique brand on their social media channels, as well as undertaking professional modelling duties, including photoshoots and appearances in our modelling materials. For any girl hoping to launch a career in modelling, or related career paths such as marketing, photography, fashion, hair, and beauty, the ambassador position provides invaluable experience for any CV and exclusive opportunities to take with you into all your future endeavors.

Acting as our brand ambassadors is a huge privilege that will set you up for future success, but in addition, all of our winners will receive a professional photoshoot with hair and makeup styling, and can be eligible for up to 50% off their own prom dress at Melynda Jayne – “You shall go to The Ball!”


Our gorgeous finalists will all be invited to a casting session, where they will be interviewed for their suitability for the role. As well as us getting to know you, our casting gives you and your parent or guardian the opportunity to meet us to clarify what is expected of you in the role and for you to ask any questions you need.

We understand this can be a nerve-wracking process, so we want to make this experience as memorable and special as possible. As well as an interview, a test photoshoot will be carried out to assess your comfortability on camera. Representatives from our competition partners will be on hand to discuss the looks we plan to create on the day, and your social media capabilities will also be explored with our marketing team to ensure you are capable of fulfilling the responsibility the role entails. All finalists will need to have parental consent to progress further in our competition.

Winning Finalists

Successful finalists will be notified within a few days of the casting session. Winners will then be asked to attend our professional photoshoot.

Please don’t worry if you’re a modelling beginner, as you will receive coaching on the day from our official Melynda Jayne photographer, as well as being taught how to ‘walk the catwalk like a pro’ by our Choreographer and Model Coach, and seasoned Melynda Jayne models. The images will be free for you to use in your modelling portfolios going forward, should you look to gain further work in the industry. For those prom ambassadors that are aspiring models, the images and experience modelling dresses designed by globally recognised designers such as Terani Couture, Saborama, Tarik Ediz and Gino Cerruti will be invaluable assets within their portfolio and for future prospects.

Some of the dresses that we stock at Melynda Jayne can be seen on the red carpet, worn by celebrities; we are a very specialist boutique and are privileged to stock these world renowned designers.

Apply Now!

To apply to be Melynda Jayne Boutique’s prom ambassador for your school in The Midlands, you must be a girl in year 11 or 13 with an active presence on social media. Make sure to get your parent or guardian’s permission, and then apply here!