Linea Raffaelli collection

In Linea Raffaelli collection you can find coats/jackets & dresses with stunning details, perfect for mothers-of-the-bride/groom or wedding guests. Dresses with ¾ sleeves which you can wear without a jacket. Striking dresses with flowing chiffon used for the tops or to create a short-long skirt effect. If you are not a dress kind of girl, our stunning jumpsuit or pant suits will be perfect for you! 

Everything you can see on this page is available at Melynda Jayne Boutique.

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At Melynda Jayne, family values are incredibly important to who we are and what we do, which is part of the reason why we love Linea Raffaelli’s collection. As a family owned company founded in 1952, the talented designers in this Belgian company are just as passionate and dedicated to high quality design as their parents and grandparents before them, with their rich history helping them to achieve a sense of beauty and perfection from their creations.

Expanding throughout the years to become an international powerhouse, Linea Raffaelli has enjoyed success as a brand across the globe. Their unique design process sees the commercial department listening carefully to what clients want, working in close contact with both buyers and boutiques, and relaying this directly to the in-house designers, striking the perfect balance between style and creativity and practicality and comfort.

Innovation sits proudly at the forefront of all that Linea Raffaelli do, incorporating high-tech craftsmanship and artisanal design with high-fashion elegance, pushing new and exciting techniques into classic designs with a traditional, hand-finished flair. Marrying haute couture with precise crafting techniques is no small task, but having perfected what they do over three generations, this is a talent Linea Raffaelli have down to a fine art, capable of achieving like no other. When shopping for Linea Raffaelli couture, expect attention to detail down to the most minute button, validating their philosophy of perfection without compromise.

When it comes to dressing for the most special occasions of your life, only the best will do, and with Linea Raffaelli, this is exactly what you can expect. After establishing themselves as a brand that delivers excellence, nothing less is acceptable, and all employees, particularly couturiers, undergo a complex and extensive training programme that sees distinguished designers mentor their new colleagues for 18 months, passing on valuable knowledge and a genuine love for what we do. Loyalty, creativity, consistency, and flawless design and workmanship from personnel help to contribute to the warm, friendly, family-focussed atmosphere fostered at Linea Raffaelli and that filters through into their stunning designs.

Specialising in bridal and formal wear, Linea Raffaelli couture is exclusive to handpicked boutiques, including Melynda Jayne.

*Please note that in-store stock may vary.