Sonia Peña has bet this year for a collection of free spirit and luxury, inspiring emotion, intrigue and movement. The colour palette goes for very bright shades with delicate fabrics. The new collection is ALL available at Melynda Jayne Boutique in our  Special Occasion Wear section.

Born in Málaga, uses this city as her base in order to develop her professional career in Europe.
Thanks to her highly personal vision, it is fair to say that her company is an industry leader, with a presence in over 50 countries and a corporate history that spans more than three decades.

She presents her collections in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan and Düsseldorf, staying true to her own identity without losing site of the trends that characterise the industry.

Her demanding character and taste for beauty are manifested in audacious designs and a unique way of understanding fashion.

Sonia Peña, S.A.U. was established in 1986 and works under the SONIA PEÑA brand, a Spanish design and production brand undisputed leader in the sector of social occasion dresses, segment leaders in Europe and present in more than 50 countries.

Our compromise with Sustainable Innovation and the consolidation of Social Action is undeniable, and a key element in our success as corporation.

The commitment to international expansion is one of our main keys to growth. With over 150 workers and a production of 150,000 units every season, during the last recent years we have obtained results in terms of export,which we consider very important. Today, the export accounts for 63% of the global business of the Sonia Peña brand.

We feel absolutely identified with the idea of promoting the concept “Moda España” (Spanish Fashion), spreading it nationally and abroad, something that was awarded in the XI Edition of the “Alas a la Internacionalización de la Empresa Andaluza” (11th Edition of Internationalization Awards, category Growth Abroad).

With two annual campaigns , we continually renew our image, evoking and provoking trends expressed in our collections where we reflect our own impressions and visions. Melynda Jayne are proud to offer this in our  Special Occasion Wear collection.