Authenticity, design, own light, ‘likes’ and a custom language characterize the new line MISS SONIA PEÑA. A new energy with a proposal for a young spirit, within the SONIA PEÑA collection that fills the gap between low cost and contemporary luxury.

In palette roses, fuchsias and turquoises and the warm sand. Fresh prints, open backs and wide necklines, tempting. Garments that mark the waist with PVC belts. Long flowing dresses, comfortable and “minis” with romantic airs.

Born in Málaga, Peña uses this city as her base in order to develop her professional career in Europe.

Thanks to her highly personal vision, it is fair to say that her company is an industry leader, with a presence in over 50 countries and a corporate history that spans more than three decades.

She presents her collections in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan and Düsseldorf, staying true to her own identity without losing site of the trends that characterise the industry.

Her demanding character and taste for beauty are manifested in audacious designs and a unique way of understanding fashion.

Sonia Pena Couture envelops us with refined and sophisticated elegant designs. A careful selection of fabrics, exquisite textures and soft colour palette takes us to an absolutely wonderful fashion concept.

Sonia Pena MISS is a young line inspired by the most international trends without losing its Mediterranean roots.